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Although centuries old, chess is still a very popular game today. Just a few decades ago, the only way to play it, was to get together with a real person face to face or, if you had all the time in the world, via mail (the slow one).

These days, technology has increased opportunities a lot. Artificial intelligence has evolved to the stage, where it can beat even the best players and can be programmed to play at various different skill levels. Many online sites offer direct player-to-player gameplay or email play.

I have always found the physical board to be better (than a flat computer screen) for analyzing the board and planning moves. Yes, you could replicate the moves manually, but what if the board could do for you automatically? Welcome, Square Off, (arguably) the best electronic chessboard.

square off kingdom set on blue background

Development and Versions of Square Off

Square Off is a project created by two Indian inventors; Bhavya Gohil and Aatur Mehta. They hit Kickstarter in November 2016 and managed to raise over 170 thousand pounds in 24 days. Their initial pledged goal was 40 thousand, so by raising more than four times that, the project had a very bright future.

square off inventors

Three years later, they are a well-established producer of electronic chess boards, currently producing three (two + one repainted version) different chess boards:

  • Kingdom Set (their basic chessboard),
  • Grand Kingdom Set (enhanced edition) and the
  • Limited Black Edition (repainted enhanced edition).

The enhanced edition offers extra features over the basic one: a longer-lasting battery, an option to stream matches to your board, designated parking space for taken pieces, and auto-reset. It is also slightly larger and heavier, and of course a bit more expensive.

square off grand kingdom set

How does Square Off work?

When you first see the board in action, you will likely be impressed by the self-moving pieces. It almost feels like there is a ghost sitting across you and moving the pieces.

But underneath it, there is some impressive technology running the show. On the board directly below the pieces, there is a circuit board, that marks the positions of the pieces. Further below, in the box, a two-axis robotic arm moves the pieces with the help of an electromagnet attached to it. Add the battery and computer chips to run it, and that’s about it.

Besides the board, there are handcrafted pieces, which look really nice and detailed. There is also an extra queen for every color. Unfortunately, there is no designated storage room for pieces inside the board, so you have to store them separately, which is a bit inconvenient.

The board does not have to be plugged in during gameplay, but you have to (of course) plug it in when charging the battery. A nice touch is that there are three different adapters included (US, UK, and EU), so you are guaranteed to fit one of them.

The Board in Practice

Board itself does not have many buttons and switches. Besides the on/off button, there isn’t much else.

Square Off functions through a mobile app (available for both Android and iOS), where you can set up a game. There are options to play against the board AI (20 difficulty levels – maximum ELO is 3000), to stream matches, and to play online.

square off board during play

Online play is done through the platform, one of the largest chess communities in the world. This connectivity ensures that you will never run out of people to play against and that you can find a suitable match in a matter of seconds. All expected features, such as board overview, move history, and chatbox are included in the app.

When you decide to move a piece, you push it against the board slightly until you hear a beep. You then move the piece to the desired square and press it against the board – again, until you heard a beep. That means, that the board has registered your move. In case of an illegal move, you will hear multiple beeps.

Now it’s the board’s turn and it’s time for magic to happen. Board moves the pieces in a very smooth and precise manner and just looking them go is very impressive. Although the robotic arm does not match the precision and speed of a human arm, it’s pretty quick and its moves do not hold up the game.

Some minor issues

Pieces usually do not collide or tip over – the only time when there is a possibility for a problem is when pieces have to move through a narrow space between the other two pieces. This happens when moving the knights or castling. Sometimes there won’t be enough space (or if the pieces are not exactly in the middle of their squares) and the pieces will collide and, in the worst-case scenario, tip over.

You then have to manually rectify them. That rarely happens though, and it does not affect the gameplay. I don’t consider it a huge issue.

Another point that you have to take into account is, that the motors running the robotic arm are relatively loud. By relatively, I mean that chess is usually played in silence, and in silence you hear even the tiniest of sounds. It’s something you have to get used to it.

square off kingdom set

I Square Off the Best Electronic Chess Board?

I won’t get into a discussion if you really need an electronic automated chessboard. Only you know that, and if you are reading this, I assume you are seriously considering buying one.

For a technologically aware chess fan, Square Off is an excellent choice to work on your game and to impress your guests. It is also an excellent gift. I won’t lie, Square Off is not cheap. But neither are other electronic chess boards. I believe the price is spot-on, considering the time and effort that went into development and the quality of the product.

So, which one of the three models to choose? If you are seriously considering a purchase, I’d say avoid the Kingdom Set (basic model).

If you are in the market for these boards and have money for the basic model, let’s be honest, then you have money for the Grand Kingdom Set as well. Especially since it offers so much more for not that large of a price increase. (Auto-reset is really cool btw.) Or get the Limited Black Edition set, if you prefer the look of that one more.

Do you have any opinions or questions on Square Off? Let me know in the comments below.


11 thoughts on “Best Electronic Chess Board? – Square Off Review”

  1. Hi Vasilij,

    Wow having an electronic chess board like that seems very impressive!! Self moving pieces 🙂 it sounds really awesome!

    I stumbled on your blog post because I was looking for a normal e-board to get a bit better at playing lol because most of my friends keep beating me and while I don’t mind loosing I wouldn’t mind winning a game from time to time at least 😀

    Anyway now I am intrigued by this board and when I wanted to go check them out using your link at the bottem I found out that those links are not working… In your last paragraph where you ask which of the three models to choose, all those links show a page not found.

    I thought it would be good for you to know. Please do let me know when it is fixed because I have a real interest in the products and if you are an affiliate or whatever I would want you to have your commission because your article really entertained me 🙂


    • Thanks for the input, Tom. The links should now be fixed. I am indeed affiliated by Square Off, but I have tried to be as unbiased in my review as possible. Hopefully it shows when reading. 🙂

  2. Chess is a game of intelligence, patience, and adequate reasoning. I’m not so good at playing it and I’ve always envied my dad, he’s so good when it comes to chess. Its true that technology coming into games has made it really interesting, its now easy to play with people even very far away from your location. I think Square off I actually the best but the price is sky heightened, well quality things don’t really come cheap so its okay. I’ll share this article to my dad and I’m sure he’ll love it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love chess game. I often play it on my PC and you can still play it with a real person on the laptop, but I have not yet experienced square off. I can imagine that it would give a great experience to see self- moving pieces. Also to have an electronic chess on its own is a great idea, because the laptop game does not give the complete feeling of the real game.

    • The feel is exactly my largest argument agains playing chess on a computer screen. I just can’t focus and concentrate the same as with physical board.

  4. Useless. Their customer support never come back. Board been faulty since Christmas. Worse customer service I have ever encountered you must avoid this product.

  5. Thanks for the review. I am thinking about this and wonder… When playing on the Grand Kingdom can you –um,, Take Back a move if you blunder and don’t want to play it..? Does it move backwards?

  6. The board is beautiful and the auto movement works well. My only issue is the board recognizing the piece movements. I press down before I move and the same when I place the piece. So many times the board does not recognize the move even after many retries. I have found using my fingers improves recognition some. I think if the Square Off app made two sounds, one from the origin square and then again for the destination square. Very frustrating!
    I own the Grand Kingdom model.
    If anyone has a fix for this issue please contact me.


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