box of santiago de cuba board game

Santiago de Cuba Review – Cuban Trade Simulator

Players: 2 to 4 players, ideally 2 Playing time: around 45 minutes (for 2 player game) Ages: 10+ Skill factor/game complexity: easy Luck/random factor: low My score: 8/10 Price: check on Amazon If you remember, I mentioned in my review of Forbidden Island, that I have bought some used games locally. The previous owner must […]

Lords of Waterdeep – Dungeons and Dragons Board Game

Players: 2 to 5 players Playing time: 60 minutes Ages: 12+ Skill factor: medium Luck factor: medium My score: 8/10 Link to BoardGameGeek site Price: check on Amazon When playing board games, one of the issues I always have, is finding time to play and getting people together, organizing everything. So, I’m always on the […]

From Forbidden Island to Forbidden Desert to Forbidden Sky

I have been playing a fair amount of Forbidden Island recently. As I have said in my review, I think it’s a well-designed game and I and enjoying it. So I was curious if there is something more on offer – and sure there is. Forbidden Island has received two “sequels”: Forbidden Desert and Forbidden […]

Forbidden Island Game Review – Try Not To Drown

Players: 2 to 4 players Playing time: about thirty minutes Ages: 10+ Skill factor: (upper) simple Luck factor: little My score: 7.5/10 Price: check on Amazon Link to BoardGameGeek site   Last week, I have been browsing local ads. I do it now and then, just out of curiosity. And you never know, you might […]


What is a Eurogame? – Grasping an Elusive Term

Eurogame is a term often heard in board games terminology. It is also often used incorrectly or people don’t even know what it means and use it because someone else speaks that way and it sounds cool. We’re going to have a look at what is a eurogame, what characteristics are typical for a eurogame […]


Win Monopoly Every Time – Use these Simple Tricks

You probably played Monopoly (check out my top 5 pick on best monopoly editions) many times, without thinking too much into what you are actually doing, just trying to have fun. Perhaps you were more successful than others, perhaps less, or maybe you didn’t even care as long it was good time spent with friends. […]