Charterstone Board Game Review

Charterstone Board Game Review

Legacy games are a popular form of board gaming. They string together individual plays with story, decisions and consequences into a larger campaign. Even though we would normally associate them with thematic games, euro games are no strangers to the legacy concept. Introduction Unless you have been living under the rock, you’ve probably heard of … Read more Charterstone Board Game Review

Carcassonne vs Kingdomino

Carcassonne vs Kingdomino

When it comes to tile-placing mechanics, you’ll come across two titles as board game genre’s main representatives. This article puts them side by side, Carcassonne vs Kingdomino and compares their features and game mechanics. If you’re on the verge of buying a tile-placing title, it may just steer you in the right direction. Carcassonne Facts … Read more Carcassonne vs Kingdomino

Small World Board Game Review – A Good Gateway Game?

small world board game review

There are some board games, that can be played after only a couple of minutes of explanation, making them ideal when introducing new players to board gaming. Small world is one of those gateway games, although it has some complicated bits. Read my Small World Board Game Review to learn what those are. Small World … Read more Small World Board Game Review – A Good Gateway Game?

Love Letter Board Game – Review and Buyer’s Guide

Love Letter board game is a popular deduction card game. Very easy to learn and play, it’s accessible to a very broad audience. Several variants are available, so I created a guide to see what are the similarities and differences between different sets and which one should you buy. Expressing Your Love is Not Easy … Read more Love Letter Board Game – Review and Buyer’s Guide

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