Top 10 Strategy Board Games for Adults in 2021

Top 10 Strategy Board Games for Adults Feature

In this article, you can learn which are the Top 10 Strategy Board Games for Adults. I’ve included meatier games for semi-dedicated and dedicated competitive players. Only the best games are included – satisfaction guaranteed! Criteria for Top 10 Strategy Board Games for Adults Immersive. The game has to pull you in and hold you … Read more

Friday Board Game Review – A Solo Deck-Builder

friday board game review feature

Friday, a small, 30-minutes solo deck-building board game ahs been around for almost a decade. Read my Friday Board Game Review to find out if it’s worth buying. Facts Designer: Friedemann Friese Artists: Harald Lieske, Marcel-André Casasola Merkle Year published: 2011 Players: single-player only Playing time: 20-30 minutes Complexity: light/medium Link to BoardGameGeek page Price: … Read more

Top 10 Family Board Games in 2021

top 10 family board games feature

This Top 10 Family Board Games article is an overview of the current situation on the board gaming market. I made thorough research, so you don’t have to. Check out which board games are best for your family! Introduction to Top 10 Family Board Games Let’s first discuss what we’re looking for in a family … Read more

Caverna: Cave vs Cave Review

Caverna Cave vs Cave Review Feature

Caverna: Cave vs Cave is a 2-player board from the renowned designer Uwe Rosenberg. It’s a simplified edition of it’s bigger brother. Read the Caverna: Cave vs Cave Review to find out if it keeps the theme, appeal, and depth of the original Caverna. Link to BoardGameGeek page Designer: Uwe Rosenberg Artist: Klemens Franz Year … Read more

Killslash Journaling Game Review

Killslash Journaling Game Review feature image

The Bloody Spike Chainsaw Massacre It’s finally here. The day I’ve been preparing myself the entire year. As I swoosh silently through the forest, the memory is still fresh. As many years before, Getaway, a popular teen holiday resort in the countryside, was full of joyful youth. Among them was my nephew, little Tommy. But, … Read more

7 Wonders Duel Review – The Best 2-Player Board Game?

7 wonders duel review feature

In this article, you can read my 7 Wonders Duel Review, a highly praised 2-player card-drafting game. Link to BoardGameGeek page Designers: Antoine Bauza, Bruno Cathala Artist: Miguel Coimbra Year published: 2015 Players: 2 only Playing time: 30 minutes Complexity: light/medium Price: check here If you click on an affiliate link and decide to buy … Read more

Best Abstract Board Games 2021 – Top 10 List

best abstract board games feature

We all know Chess, right? Are there any similar modern games? Maybe a bit simpler and with more theme? This article compiles them into a list of 10 Best Abstract Board Games. Introduction There are some properties that abstract games have in common (as always, there are exceptions): They lack a theme or the theme … Read more

Best Legacy Board Games 2021 – Top 10 List

best legacy board games feature image

In the last decade, board games that come with a campaign, that add and change rules and components between games, and alter the world based on player choice, are becoming increasingly more popular. What are the best legacy board games on the market in 2021? Introduction to Best Legacy Board Games There are some common … Read more

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