Tapestry Board Game Civilizations

Tapestry board game civilizations feature

Factions in Tapestry are an interesting breed. In a civilization game, you’d normally expect nations or ancient civilizations to be featured, but in Tapestry, developer has taken a different path. Civilizations are separated by their belief and politics, which also directly describe their abilities and style of play. This is a list of Tapestry Board … Read more Tapestry Board Game Civilizations

Mage Knight Draconum List

mage knight draconum list

Dragons are the ultimate enemy in fantasy games. Those large, fire-breathing reptiles wait for you near the endgame, because they eat underdeveloped characters for breakfast. Mage Knight (board game) is no different. Unless well-prepared, draconum will inflict many wounds to you and your units before they go down. This article contains full Mage Knight draconum … Read more Mage Knight Draconum List

Why Is It Good To Play Board Games? 6 Reasons

why play board games

Nowadays plenty of entertainment forms exist. TV programme, movies, YouTube, Netflix, video games; if we start with indoor activities. Then you have all sorts of outdoor activities: workout, sports, shows, museums, list is endless. Why should you choose board games over others or at least dedicate a significant portion of your time to them. Why … Read more Why Is It Good To Play Board Games? 6 Reasons

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