what is a eurogame

What is a Eurogame? – Grasping an Elusive Term

Eurogame is a term often heard in board games terminology. It is also often used incorrectly or people don’t even know what it means and use it because someone else speaks that way and it sounds cool. We’re going to have a look at what is a eurogame, what characteristics are typical for a eurogame […]

top board games for couples

Top Board Games For Couples – 12 Of The Very Finest

Board games can be a very rewarding and immersive experience. And who best to share that experience with, than someone you know very well and have similar life interests – your significant other. If you are on the lookout for new games, I researched what are top board games for couples currently on the market […]

ms monopoly sexual inequality

Newest Monopoly Board Game Promoting Sexual Inequality

Hasbro’s newest monopoly board game has been announced in the last week and it has a very special theme, that has already raised some controversy. What’s all the fuss about and what do I think of it? Power of Women and Ms. Monopoly Ms. Monopoly is a monopoly game just like any other, but with […]

best party board games for adults

Best Party Board Games For Adults – 13 Games For Having Fun

Sometimes you just want to sit at the table with your friends, have a few drinks and have fun. Maybe you’re just not in the mood, are too tired or you have someone casual along, who is not interested in a more complex board game. I have researched what are the best party board games […]

win monopoly every time

Win Monopoly Every Time – 6 Simple Tricks

You probably played Monopoly many times, without thinking too much into what you are actually doing, just trying to have fun. Perhaps you were more successful than others, perhaps less, or maybe you didn’t even care as long it was good time spent with friends. But if you’re more of a curious type, you possibly […]

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