Killslash Journaling Game Review

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The Bloody Spike Chainsaw Massacre It’s finally here. The day I’ve been preparing myself the entire year. As I swoosh silently through the forest, the memory is still fresh. As many years before, Getaway, a popular teen holiday resort in the countryside, was full of joyful youth. Among them was my nephew, little Tommy. But, … Read more

Best Abstract Board Games – Top 10 List

best abstract board games feature

We all know Chess, right? Are there any similar modern games? Maybe a bit simpler and with more theme? This article compiles them into a list of 10 Best Abstract Board Games. Introduction There are some properties that abstract games have in common (as always, there are exceptions): They lack a theme or the theme … Read more

Best Legacy Board Games – Top 10 List

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In the last decade, board games that come with a campaign, that add and change rules and components between games, and alter the world based on player choice, are becoming increasingly more popular. What are the best legacy board games on the market? Introduction There are some common points that legacy games share: They have … Read more

Best Detective Board Games – My Top 8 List

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In this article, I explore the market, searching for the best detective board games. There are several available, with a lot of similarities, but also differences. I’ll help you clear the picture. After this article, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what is each of the detective board games about, its positives and negatives, … Read more

Best Star Wars Board Games – Top 11 List

best star wars board games

I’ve made a thorough research of the market in search of Best Star Wars Board Games. After a lot of hard work, I’ve managed it to bring down to 11 titles, which are presented in this article. Introduction Star Wars is the largest fairytale of the modern world with millions of fans around the globe. … Read more

Best Pirate Board Games – My Top 10 List

Best Pirate Board Games

Pirates are one of the more popular themes in modern pop-culture, especially made famous after a certain series of movies starring Johnny Depp. It’s no surprise this popularity extends into board gaming. I have compiled a Top 10 Best Pirate Board Games as a guide for everyone who is looking to buy a pirate board … Read more

Best Farming Board Games – My Top 10 List

Best Farming Board Games

Farming is one the activities that made civilization possible in the first place. Deep down (or a couple of generations back) we’re all farmers and it’s not a surprise farming is a popular board game theme too. I found out there’s plenty of competition when making a 10 Best Farming Board Games list. Table of … Read more

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