Folded Space Inserts Review

folded space inserts review feature image

In this Folded Space Inserts Review, read about reasons to buy, assembly, and direct review of some of the Folded Space products. What is an insert? An insert for a board game is a set of 3rd party storage solutions (boxes or similar) that is designed to store the game’s components. Why do you need … Read more

7 Best Marvel Board Games 2021

best marvel board games featured image

If you’re a fan of the Marvel universe, then this 7 Best Marvel Board Games 2021 will help you learn which board games are worth your money. Introduction to 7 Best Marvel Board Games 2021 Superheroes are a form of a modern fairytale. It’s hard to avoid them if you’re at least vaguely following popular … Read more

Gaia Project Board Game Review

gaia project board game review feature image

In this Gaia Project Board Game Review, read about one of the more complex strategy games on the market. It’s the second edition of an excellent game, boarding perfection. Is Gaia Project rightfully at P8 of all-time best board games on boardgamegeek? Introduction to Gaia Project Board Game Review Most of the Gaia Project reviews … Read more

Best Dinosaur Board Games in 2021

best dinosaur board games feature image

Dinosaurs are quite a popular theme not only in board gaming but in mainstream culture in general. It’s easy to get lost in the heap of titles. This Best Dinosaur Board Games in 2021 article helps you understand which dinosaur board games are worthy of your attention. Table of Contents for Best Dinosaur Board Games … Read more

Hawaii Board Game Review – Paradise?

hawaii board game review feature image

In this Hawaii Board Game Review, you can learn about a decade-old board game, that was once highly reputable. How has it aged? How does it play in 2021? Introduction to Hawaii Board Game Review Growing up under the communist boot, the word Hawaii meant paradise to us. A place to escape, a place where … Read more

Tokaido Board Game Review – Zen-Tourist

tokaido board game review feature image

In this article, you can learn about Tokaido, a game that takes you to travel the old Japan and experience its beauties on the way. Read the full Tokaido Board Game Review below. Introduction to Tokaido Board Game Review Board games are oftentimes based around fierce competition and hurrying towards objectives. Tokaido is different. It’s … Read more

Mysterium Board Game Review – Mystery Wrapped in Art

Below you can read my Mysterium Board Game Review. It’s one of the most popular deduction group games. Find out what makes it special and why I recommend it. Introduction to Mysterium Board Game Review Designers: Oleksandr Nevskiy, Oleg Sidorenko Year published: 2015 Players: 2-7, best with 5-6 Playing time: 45 minutes Complexity: light/medium Theme … Read more

Patchwork Game Review – How to Sew a Quilt?

patchwork game review feature image

Uwe Rosenberg is one of the greatest board game designers in history. In 2014, he surprised us with an abstract tile-placement game, Patchwork. Read this Patchwork Game Review to learn why I believe everyone should play Patchwork. Introduction to Patchwork Game Review Great abstract games follow similar principles. First, they are very easy to learn. … Read more

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