Top Board Games For Couples – 12 Of The Very Finest

Let’s assume you have been together with your significant other for quite a while, you know yourself pretty well and have similar interests. Board gaming is one of them and you are on the lookout for new games. I researched what are top board games for couples currently on the market and have narrowed it […]

Newest Monopoly Board Game Promoting Sexual Inequality

Hasbro’s newest monopoly board game has been announced in the last week and it has a very special theme, that has already raised some controversy. What’s all the fuss about and what do I think of it? Power of Women and Ms. Monopoly Ms. Monopoly is a monopoly game just like any other, but with […]


Best Party Board Games for Adults – My Games for Pure Fun

Sometimes you just want to sit at the table with your friends, have a few drinks and have fun. Maybe you’re just not in the mood, are too tired or you have someone casual along who is not interested in a more complex board game. I have researched what are the best party board games […]


What is Carcassonne (board game)? – Introduction

I’ve always been fascinated by maps. As a kid, I would browse the world atlas just for fun, checking out the layouts of cities and the countryside and cursing the authors for not selecting more city maps or enlarge certain parts of the map that I was more interested in. With the arrival of high-speed […]


What is Settlers of Catan? – Gameplay Basics

I’ll answer the title question, What is Settlers of Catan (often shortened to just Settlers or just Catan – I will use Catan) in the shortest possible way: it’s a board game for 3 or 4 players. Not satisfied? 🙂 OK, keep reading … It was designed by Klaus Teuber and originally published in Germany […]

backgammon game

Different types of board games – according to amount of skill and luck involved

Imagine that you have a bunch of board games, which you want to sort by skill needed and luck included. On one side we have board games where there is no skill involved, only luck (chance); and on the other side we have board games that are pure skill based. Along with this two extreme […]