Newest Monopoly Board Game Promoting Sexual Inequality

Hasbro’s newest monopoly board game has been announced in the last week and it has a very special theme, that has already raised some controversy. What’s all the fuss about and what do I think of it? Power of Women and Ms. Monopoly Ms. Monopoly is a monopoly game just like any other, but with […]

games os asobrain xplorers

Games on AsoBrain.com: Xplorers

Introduction to AsoBrain.com About ten years ago I was playing Catan regularly online on AsoBrain. After that, some other things in life took over and I played less and less until I eventually forgot about it and stopped completely. It wasn’t until recently that I remembered about games on AsoBrain.com (although it took me a […]

what is cities and knights

What is Cities and Knights? – Catan Expansion Review

Cities and Knights is an expansion for Settlers of Catan, released in 1998. It shifts the gameplay of Catan into a more of a city developing game with elements of fighting barbarians and a deeper element of interaction with other players. New game mechanics are introduced giving players more options when playing. Let’s see what […]

settlers of catan seafarers

Settlers of Catan: Seafarers

Introducing Seafarers Seafarers were released in 1997 and are the first official expansion for Settlers Of Catan. The expansion was originally designed together with the base game, but it was later decided to separate the two in order to keep the base game more accessible. Settlers of Catan: Seafarers expansion revolves around sea travel, exploring […]

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Settlers of Catan online for free: https://colonist.io/

I have been browsing the internet in the last couple of days, trying to find a site to play Settlers of Catan online for free. I was quite particular in my search. The following criteria was important in the review:  It does not have to originally licensed.  Easy pick up and play. The site would […]

what is settlers of catan

What is Settlers of Catan? – Introduction and Review

I’ll answer the title question, What is Settlers of Catan (often shortened to just Settlers or just Catan – I will use Catan) in the shortest possible way: it’s a board game for 3 or 4 players. Not satisfied? 🙂 OK, keep reading … It was designed by Klaus Teuber and originally published in Germany […]