Tapestry Board Game Civilizations

Tapestry board game civilizations feature

Factions in Tapestry are an interesting breed. In a civilization game, you’d normally expect nations or ancient civilizations to be featured, but in Tapestry, developer has taken a different path. Civilizations are separated by their belief and politics, which also directly describe their abilities and style of play. This is a list of Tapestry Board … Read more Tapestry Board Game Civilizations

Tapestry Board Game Review

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Stonemaier games is one of the hottest publishers in modern board gaming and 2019 was particularly important for them. They launched two big titles, Wingspan and Tapestry. Thanks to previous titles, especially Scythe and Viticulture, expectations from fans were huge. This Tapestry Board Game Review is my take on whether they succeeded. While design of … Read more Tapestry Board Game Review

Organizing Mage Knight Ultimate Edition

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Mage Knight is a big game. When you first open the box, you’ll likely be overwhelmed by the sheer number of components, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with such big games. While the original insert is decent, there are further benefits for organizing Mage Knight Ultimate Edition components. What is Mage … Read more Organizing Mage Knight Ultimate Edition

Mage Knight Draconum List

mage knight draconum list

Dragons are the ultimate enemy in fantasy games. Those large, fire-breathing reptiles wait for you near the endgame, because they eat underdeveloped characters for breakfast. Mage Knight (board game) is no different. Unless well-prepared, draconum will inflict many wounds to you and your units before they go down. This article contains full Mage Knight draconum … Read more Mage Knight Draconum List

Why Is It Good To Play Board Games? 6 Reasons

why play board games

Nowadays plenty of entertainment forms exist. TV programme, movies, YouTube, Netflix, video games; if we start with indoor activities. Then you have all sorts of outdoor activities: workout, sports, shows, museums, list is endless. Why should you choose board games over others or at least dedicate a significant portion of your time to them. Why … Read more Why Is It Good To Play Board Games? 6 Reasons

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