best single player board games

Best Single Player Board Games 2019 – Top Thematic

Welcome to the second of the two articles on best single player board games. If you came here directly from the first article, one dedicated to strategy games, continue reading. If you missed my first article and even if you are not interested in solo strategy games, I invite you to read at least the […]

best solo board games

Best Solo Board Games 2019 – Top 5 Strategy

We are social beings and by nature we tend to seek closeness of others to work and play together. But sometimes, especially in the fast and wild modern world, the circumstances don’t allow us to get together as often as we would like (let’s move onto board making now and stop the philosophical part). Or […]

best halloween board games

Best Halloween Board Games – My Top 7 Pick

End of October is here and the 31st is just days away. If dressing up and trick’or’treating is not your family’s kind of thing, but you would still like to experience Halloween horror – I have selected 7 best Halloween board games, that will get you into the right holiday spirit. In my research, I […]

top board games for couples

Top Board Games For Couples – 12 Of The Very Finest

Board games can be a very rewarding and immersive experience. And who best to share that experience with, than someone you know very well and have similar life interests – your significant other. If you are on the lookout for new games, I researched what are top board games for couples currently on the market […]

best party board games for adults

Best Party Board Games For Adults – 13 Games For Having Fun

Sometimes you just want to sit at the table with your friends, have a few drinks and have fun. Maybe you’re just not in the mood, are too tired or you have someone casual along, who is not interested in a more complex board game. I have researched what are the best party board games […]

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