Mage Knight vs Runebound

Mage Knight vs Runebound

As I browse board game related social media, I find a lot of people have similar problems when deciding what their next board game should be. Mage Knight vs Runebound is one of those common questions. Both fantasy themed adventures (or so it seems), but when you look underneath, there are several differences that will … Read more

Organizing Mage Knight Ultimate Edition

organizing mage knight ultimate edition feature

Mage Knight is a big game. When you first open the box, you’ll likely be overwhelmed by the sheer number of components, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with such big games. While the original insert is decent, there are further benefits for organizing Mage Knight Ultimate Edition components. What is Mage … Read more

Mage Knight Draconum List

Mage Knight Draconum List

Dragons are the ultimate enemy in fantasy games. Those large, fire-breathing reptiles wait for you near the endgame, because they eat underdeveloped characters for breakfast. Mage Knight (board game) is no different. Unless well-prepared, draconum will inflict many wounds on you and your units before they go down. This article contains a full Mage Knight … Read more

Mage Knight vs Gloomhaven

mage knight vs gloomhaven

One of the more common buying dilemmas I keep encountering is Mage Knight vs Gloomhaven. Deciding on buying new board games is always hard. Our time and money are limited, but there are a lot of choices, a lot of good games, that may even look very similar (at least on the surface). The dilemma … Read more

Mage Knight: Heroes and their Abilities

Mage Knight Heroes

The base game of Mage Knight comes with four heroes (I’m going to use the word hero, although they often act anti-heroic) and expansions add three more, for a total number of seven. This article is an overview of Mage Knight heroes, their deed decks, and their personal skills. In my initial review, I stated … Read more

Mage Knight Ultimate Edition Review

mage knight ultimate edition review general volkane broken

Let’s get this out right at the start: I love Mage Knight. I love its fantasy theme, its colorful characters, and the open world, infested with blood-thirsty enemies. But most of all, I love its brilliant deck-building puzzle-solving gameplay mechanics. So, to write a credible Mage Knight Ultimate Edition Review, I made sure I played … Read more

Mage Knight Solo Conquest: Tips and Thoughts

mage knight solo conquest red city

I’ve been getting deeper and deeper into Mage Knight Solo Conquest for the last couple of weeks. So far, I have around 20 hours of gameplay under my belt, but I have still only scratched the surface of this majestic game. Only played Solo Conquest mode with three characters, there is a whole world ahead … Read more

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