Underwater Cities Board Game Review

Underwater Cities Board Game Review Featured Image

I finally have the chance to review highly Underwater Cities, a worker placement board game by Delicious Games. Does it live up to the expectation? Introduction to Underwater Cities Board Game Review Oceans are one of the last unexplored places on our planet, therefore it’s no surprise that the depths have always been a source … Read more

Canopy Board Game Review

Canopy Board Game Review Featured Image

In this article, you can read about Canopy, a beautiful card-drafting game set in dense tropical rainforest. Read the full Canopy Board Game Review below. Introduction to Canopy Board Game Review Welcome to the tropical rainforest, the richest ecosystem on the planet! Rain, sunlight, tall trees, lush vegetation, and free-roaming wildlife all work in harmony … Read more

How Good Is Brass: Birmingham? Review

How Good Is Brass Birmingham Board Game Review Featured Image

This review talks about Brass: Birmingham, an economy board game set in the industrial revolution. How good is Brass: Birmingham? Introduction to Brass: Birmingham Review I’ve always been a big history fan, with certain periods that particularly fascinated me. The industrial revolution was one such period. It was a time of great change. Technological advancements … Read more

Clank Board Game Review

Clank Board Game Review Featured Image

Read this Clank Board Game Review to learn about one of the most entertaining board games of the last decade. What makes it so good? Introduction to Clank Board Game Review There are a lot of good board games that create a great gaming experience – But only a few of them are truly groundbreaking, … Read more

Ticket to Ride: First Journey (Europe) – Review

Ticket to Ride First Journey Europe Review Feature image

If you’re considering getting a board game for your pre-school child, today’s Ticket to Ride: First Journey (Europe) – Review should interest you. What can kids learn from it and what ages is it suitable for? Introduction to Ticket to Ride: First Journey (Europe) – Review Kids and trains go together like peanut butter and … Read more

Root Board Game Review – This Forest is Mine!

root board game review featured image

A wargame of woodland might and right, wrapped in cute overalls. Read my Root Board Game Review to learn how much of a game lies underneath the appealing exteriors. Introduction to Root Board Game Review Root, a Kickstarter success story from 2018 has taken the board gaming world by storm. Many were blown away by … Read more

Folded Space Inserts Review

folded space inserts review feature image

In this Folded Space Inserts Review, read about reasons to buy, assembly, and direct review of some of the Folded Space products. What is an insert? An insert for a board game is a set of 3rd party storage solutions (boxes or similar) that is designed to store the game’s components. Why do you need … Read more

Gaia Project Board Game Review

gaia project board game review feature image

In this Gaia Project Board Game Review, read about one of the more complex strategy games on the market. It’s the second edition of an excellent game, boarding perfection. Is Gaia Project rightfully at P8 of all-time best board games on boardgamegeek? Introduction to Gaia Project Board Game Review Most of the Gaia Project reviews … Read more

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