Scythe vs Terraforming Mars

Scythe vs Terraforming Mars

Two highly acclaimed board games with roughly similar game mechanics, but vastly different themes. Scythe vs Terraforming Mars. What do they have in common and where they differ? And most importantly, which one should you buy? Scythe facts Year published: 2016 Number of players: 1-5 Playing time: 1-2 hours Suggested player age: 12+ Complexity rating … Read more

Scythe: Invaders From Afar – Review and Tips

Scythe Invaders From Afar Review

I take a look at one of Scythe’s expansions, Invaders From Afar to see what’s new and how do the two new factions play and fit in the Scythe universe. Read the full Scythe: Invaders From Afar – Review and Tips below. Introduction to Scythe: Invaders From Afar – Review It’s been a while since … Read more

Scythe Board Game: Factions Comparison

scythe board game factions

This article covers the Scythe factions, their peculiarities, style of play, and strategy. Although you can play Scythe board game factions as you like (they can all explore encounters, build buildings, enlist, deploy mechs, and fight), this will only work against very weak opponents. Against better ones, you have to take into consideration your faction’s … Read more

Scythe Strategy: Basic Tips

scythe strategy basic tips

So far, I’ve played around thirty games of Scythe. I have been playing predominantly digital edition since it allows me to play more games and play whenever I want. I have developed some Scythe strategy tips of my own, but I am still struggling to beat the AI at medium strength. My Initial Observations – Introduction to … Read more

Scythe – Board Game Review

Scythe - Board Game Review mech

In this article: read the review of  Scythe – a board game, set in an alternate reality Eastern Europe with giant mechs controlling the rural land. How does it play? Is it any good? What about expansions and digital editions? All that in my Scythe board game review. Welcome to Diesel-Punk 1920s Eastern Europe Scythe … Read more

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