Best Train Board Games – Top 10

Best Train Board Games

Trains are a very popular theme for toys and hobbies. It’s no wonder board games hopped on that train too (sorry for the pun), and there are many available – but which are the best train board games? Starting research for the article, I had only known and played Ticket to Ride. I was aware … Read more

Best Lord of the Rings Board Games – Top 6

Best Lord of the Rings Board Games

Tolkien’s stories do not need a special introduction. A saga that started in the middle of the 20th century, reached its popularity peak with the trilogy movies, and later (and to a lesser extent) with The Hobbit movies. It’s no wonder that the father of modern fantasy has received numerous board game versions through the … Read more

Best Viking Board Games – Top 7 List

best viking board games

Vikings have a special spot in modern Western popular culture. Their image is often far from historical and overly stereotyped, depicting them as almighty mythical warriors with fantasy elements included. My list of the best Viking board games is no different. There are not many that portray Vikings in a strictly historical fashion, most use … Read more

Best Adventure Board Games – My Top 7

best adventure board games

Everyone loves a good adventure. (Un)fortunately, real lives are most of the time not overly exciting, so we must resort to other sources to get that adventure fix. It may be books, movies or, you guessed it – board games. This article is the result of my research on which are the best adventure board … Read more

Best Solo Board Games – Top 5 Strategy

Best Solo Strategy Board Games

Several board games on the market allow you to play alone and I have looked into what are the best solo board games on the market these days – in two separate, but connected articles. We are social beings and by nature, we tend to seek closeness of others to work and play together. But … Read more

Best Halloween Board Games – My Top 7 Pick

Best Halloween Board Games

The end of October is here and the 31st is just days away. If dressing up and trick-or-treating is not your family’s kind of thing, but you would still like to experience Halloween horror – I have selected 7 best Halloween board games, that will get you into the right holiday spirit. Click here to … Read more

Top Board Games For Couples – Top 12 List

top board games for couples

If you are on the lookout for new games, I researched what are top board games for couples currently on the market and have narrowed it down to 12 games – from the lunch break games, right down to those that consume the entire evening (or life). Board games can be a very rewarding and … Read more

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