Best Star Wars Board Games 2020 – Top 11 List

best star wars board games

I’ve made thorough research on the market in search of the Best Star Wars Board Games. After a lot of hard work, I’ve managed it to bring down to 11 titles, which are presented in this article. Introduction to Best Star Wars Board Games Star Wars is the largest fairytale of the modern world with … Read more

Best Pirate Board Games 2020 – My Top 10 List

Best Pirate Board Games

Pirates are one of the more popular themes in modern pop-culture, specially made famous after a certain series of movies starring Johnny Depp. It’s no surprise this popularity extends into board gaming. I have compiled a Top 10 Best Pirate Board Games as a guide for everyone who is looking to buy a pirate board … Read more

Best Farming Board Games 2020 – Top 10 List

Best Farming Board Games

Farming is one of the activities that made civilization possible in the first place. Deep down (or a couple of generations back) we’re all farmers and it’s not a surprise farming is a popular board game theme too. I found out there’s plenty of competition when making a 10 Best Farming Board Games list. Table … Read more

Charterstone Board Game Review

Charterstone Board Game Review

Legacy games are a popular form of board gaming. They string together individual plays with story, decisions and consequences into a larger campaign. Even though we would normally associate them with thematic games, euro games are no strangers to the legacy concept. Introduction Unless you have been living under the rock, you’ve probably heard of … Read more

Isle of Skye Board Game Review

Isle of Skye Board Game Review

Tile placing games are one of the easiest board games to get in. Mechanics are usually quite straightforward and there is an indescribable satisfaction, as you watch your realm grow and expand. I’ve featured some tile-laying games before and now it’s time for Isle of Skye Board Game Review. Writing about Isle of Skye, it’s … Read more

Carcassonne vs Kingdomino

Carcassonne vs Kingdomino

When it comes to tile-placing mechanics, you’ll come across two titles as board game genre’s main representatives. This article puts them side by side, Carcassonne vs Kingdomino and compares their features and game mechanics. If you’re on the verge of buying a tile-placing title, it may just steer you in the right direction. Carcassonne Facts … Read more

Scythe vs Terraforming Mars

Scythe vs Terraforming Mars

Two highly acclaimed board games with roughly similar game mechanics, but vastly different themes. Scythe vs Terraforming Mars. What do they have in common and where they differ? And most importantly, which one should you buy? Scythe facts Link to BoardGameGeek site Year published: 2016 Number of players: 1-5 Playing time: 1-2 hours Suggested player … Read more

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