Should you sleeve cards?

Should you sleeve cards feature image

In this article, you can learn about sleeving cards in your games. Should you sleeve your cards? What are the pros and cons and what else should you consider? Should you sleeve cards? The decision to sleeve cards depends on several factors: how often and in what environment do you play, and how much money … Read more

What Makes Board Games Fun (5 Reasons)

What Makes Board Games Fun feature image

These are 5 Reasons about What Makes Board Games Fun. Learn how to better choose a board game for your group from this in-depth article. What Makes Board Games Fun? Main factors that determine whether a board game is fun or not are: visuals and feels, meaningful choices, elements of suspense, interactivity, and the group … Read more

Mage Knight vs Runebound

Mage Knight vs Runebound

As I browse board game-related social media, I find a lot of people have similar problems when deciding what their next board game should be. Mage Knight vs Runebound is one of those common questions. Both fantasy themed adventures (or so it seems), but when you look underneath, there are several differences that will make … Read more

Tapestry Board Game Civilizations

Tapestry board game civilizations feature

This article is a list of Tapestry Board Game Civilizations, together with short strategic advice on how to play them. Introduction to Tapestry Board Game Civilizations Factions in Tapestry are an interesting breed. In a civilization game, you’d normally expect nations or ancient civilizations to be featured, but in Tapestry, the developer has taken a … Read more

What To Do In Quarantine? – 10 Ideas

what to do in quarantine feature

Coronavirus COVID-19 has hit us and at the moment a lot of the world is shut down. Many healthy people have been told to stay at home for the next couple of weeks, seemingly with nothing to do. This article presents a couple of ideas for what to do in quarantine and make the best … Read more

Why Is It Good To Play Board Games? 6 Reasons

why play board games

Nowadays plenty of entertainment forms exist. TV programs, movies, YouTube, Netflix, video games; if we start with indoor activities. Then you have all sorts of outdoor activities: workout, sports, shows, museums, the list is endless. Why should you choose board games over others or at least dedicate a significant portion of your time to them? … Read more

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