Santiago de Cuba Review – Cuban Trade Simulator

box of santiago de cuba board game

Rum, cigars, exotic dancers! Santiago de Cuba is an economic and trading board game set in the second-largest Cuban city just before the Revolucion. Read the full review below. Introduction to Santiago de Cuba Review – Cuban Trade Simulator If you remember, I mentioned in my review of Forbidden Island, that I have bought some … Read more

Lords of Waterdeep – Dungeons and Dragons Board Game

Lords of Waterdeep - Dungeons and Dragons Board Game feature image

Lords of Waterdeep – Dungeons and Dragons board game is a strategic board game. Its main mechanics are worker placement, resource collecting, and card drawing. Read the complete review below. Introduction to Lords of Waterdeep – Dungeons and Dragons Board Game I’m always on the lookout for games, that have been digitalized. I like to … Read more

7 Best Halloween Horror Board Games in 2021

Best Halloween Horror Board Games

The end of October is here and the 31st is just days away. If dressing up and trick-or-treating is not your family’s kind of thing, but you would still like to experience Halloween horror – I have selected the 7 best Halloween board games, that will get you into the right holiday spirit. Introduction to … Read more

Kahuna: Board Game Review

Kahuna Board Game Review

In Kahuna, two players play as shamans and fight over control of the tropical islands in a card-driven area-control game. Ready my Kahuna: Board Game Review to find out if the now-aging game still holds out and is worthy of a play. Introduction to Kahuna: Board Game Review We have had Kahuna for a couple … Read more

Scythe Board Game: Factions Comparison

scythe board game factions

This article covers the Scythe factions, their peculiarities, style of play, and strategy. Although you can play Scythe board game factions as you like (they can all explore encounters, build buildings, enlist, deploy mechs, and fight), this will only work against very weak opponents. Against better ones, you have to take into consideration your faction’s … Read more

Scythe Strategy: Basic Tips

scythe strategy basic tips

So far, I’ve played around thirty games of Scythe. I have been playing predominantly digital edition since it allows me to play more games and play whenever I want. I have developed some Scythe strategy tips of my own, but I am still struggling to beat the AI at medium strength. My Initial Observations – Introduction to … Read more

What is a Eurogame? – Grasping an Elusive Term

what is a eurogame

Eurogame is a term often heard in board games terminology. It is also often used incorrectly or people don’t even know what it means and use it because someone else speaks that way and it sounds cool. We’re going to have a look at what is a eurogame, what characteristics are typical for a eurogame … Read more

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