Board Games Trends – Finding Your Path Through the Growing Industry

If you are old enough to remember board games from twenty or even thirty years back, you probably don’t remember a lot of them. At least that is the case for me. There was Monopoly and some simple games like pachisi or checkers. And chess, of course. That’s pretty much where it ends for me. […]

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What is a Eurogame? – Grasping an Elusive Term

Eurogame is a term often heard in board games terminology. It is also often used incorrectly or people don’t even know what it means and use it because someone else speaks that way and it sounds cool. We’re going to have a look at what is a eurogame, what characteristics are typical for a eurogame […]

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Different types of board games – according to amount of skill and luck involved

Imagine that you have a bunch of board games, which you want to sort by skill needed and luck included. On one side, we have board games where there is no skill involved, only luck (chance); and on the other side we have board games that are pure skill based. In the middle of these […]