Lords of Waterdeep – Dungeons and Dragons Board Game

Lords of Waterdeep - Dungeons and Dragons Board Game feature image

Lords of Waterdeep – Dungeons and Dragons board game is a strategic board game. Its main mechanics are worker placement, resource collecting, and card drawing. Read the complete review below. Introduction to Lords of Waterdeep – Dungeons and Dragons Board Game I’m always on the lookout for games, that have been digitalized. I like to … Read more

Kahuna: Board Game Review

Kahuna Board Game Review

In Kahuna, two players play as shamans and fight over control of the tropical islands in a card-driven area-control game. Ready my Kahuna: Board Game Review to find out if the now-aging game still holds out and is worthy of a play. Introduction to Kahuna: Board Game Review We have had Kahuna for a couple … Read more

What is a Eurogame? – Grasping an Elusive Term

what is a eurogame

Eurogame is a term often heard in board games terminology. It is also often used incorrectly or people don’t even know what it means and use it because someone else speaks that way and it sounds cool. We’re going to have a look at what is a eurogame, what characteristics are typical for a eurogame … Read more

Scythe on PC: Steam Edition Review

Scythe on PC: Steam Edition Review Feature Image

There are several ways of playing the board game Scythe on PC. This article reviews the Digital Edition that can be found on the Steam platform. Introduction to Scythe on PC: Digital Edition Review As amazing as Scythe is, playing a physical board version can sometimes be difficult. It can be hard to get people … Read more

Win Monopoly Every Time – 6 Simple Tricks

win monopoly every time

You probably played Monopoly many times, without thinking too much into what you are actually doing, just trying to have fun. Perhaps you were more successful than others, perhaps less, or maybe you didn’t even care as long it was a good time spent with friends. But if you’re more of a curious type, you … Read more

Best Monopoly Editions: My Top 5 Pick

best monopoly editions

Aah, Monopoly. One of the oldest and most popular board games. It was first published in 1935 and after 84 years it’s still going strong. Before I get on with my pick for the best monopoly editions, let’s quickly go through the basics. Although it involves a die and a very high luck factor, the … Read more

Play Carcassonne with Expansions for Free Online at AsoBrain.com

Play Carcassonne with Expansions for Free Online at AsoBrain.com carcassonne with expansions

This article teaches about Carcassonne with expansions, specifically the first two expansions. The second part is about how the Carcassonne gameplay is executed online on AsoBrain. This is a follow-up on two of my previous article, the one about Introduction to Carcassonne and the review on AsoBrain: Xplorers. I’ll be looking into the first two expansions, … Read more

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